Upcoming changes & small giveaway

Hello CSGOTraders!

As you may have noticed the website was offline yesterday, this has now been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
All premium members will get their premium extended by 1 day.

Upcoming changes

Example reporting
We are currently working hard on implementing moderating tools.

What does mean?
It will be a lot easier to report somebody on the website. Admins/mods will then look at each case and act accordingly.

We are also going to make some changes to our ban system, to make it more versatile for each report case.
And we are changing some things to prevent extreme lowballers. (ex: €0.03 item for a knife)

When releasing these tools, we will announce it with a bigger giveaway, so follow us on our social media platforms.

Small giveaway

As a small apology for the downtime, we are giving away an AWP Asiimov FT.
We are going to be doing a bigger giveaway soon!

Simply follow us on Twitter and RT our post.

The winner will be selected within 24 hours. Good luck to all!

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