Recognizing fake rep boosting

+Rep doesn’t mean anything

Before we dig into recognizing fake rep boosting, you have to understand that “+rep” means close to nothing and that a lot of scammers use it to make them look more legit.
The reason “+rep” does not mean anything, is because these individuals post on Steam Groups asking for “+rep”. Anybody can post on profiles, and scammers can delete out any negative comments.
Example of +rep boosting

Never engage in +rep boosting, as this is a CSGOTraders & SteamRep bannable offense

Analyzing the comments

To show what I mean, I took an example of one of the +rep boosting groups. All profiles are blurred out because I do not want a witch hunt.

Example of rep boosting

In this example you can see that all comments on his profile are on the same date and around the same time period. In total there were 11 comments saying “+rep” and variants within that day. This probably leads to fake +rep boosting to make his profile look legit for real money trading.

Other ways of checking

While only checking the date can already be enough, there are a few other ways of checking if profiles are +rep boosting or not.

Crosschecking comments

A lot of times, when somebody will post “+rep” on another his profile, that person will post back. Also known as REP4REP.

As an example I found 2 real profiles on Steam that are engaged in rep boosting. I changed their names and profile pictures by changing the HTML in the browser to easily illustrate what I mean. Lets look a look.

Example of crosschecking
Here we have the profile of Printer. On Printer’s profile you can see a +rep comment from Plant. Take note how it says he went first in the trade and received his money.

Now lets visit Plant his profile and look at his comments.

Crosschecking example2
Plant also received a comment from Printer. In this case the comments are exactly the same. But more importantly, both traders went first in their trade ???
Sometimes you can see that they are +rep boosting if the 2 comments don’t make sense, thus probably meaning they are engaged in fake rep boosting.

Looking at known +rep boosting groups

The last way to recognize fake rep boosting is by actually visiting the +rep boosting groups on Steam and looking if the person posted in there.

For reasons I will not link these groups, but by a little bit of searching you can find them.

I hope this made you understand a little bit more about +rep and how scammers are faking it.
As always, if it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scam.

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Happy trading and stay safe!



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