Providing evidence for ban reports

Hello traders

I have seen a lot of people report other users for scamming. However almost none of them include evidence. We need evidence to ban another user, your word is not enough.
This is a small guide on how to create good evidence.

Do not close the Steam chat

Whenever you feel something fishy is going on, DO NOT close the chat. I can’t say this enough. The scammer will usually remove you and block you as a friend. When you close that chat window, you’ll no longer be able to see the chat history.

If you have no longer access to the chat, or the agreement. Then unfortunately we cannot help you.

Screenshot the chat

When you have been scammed, take screenshots of the whole chat. Upload these to a website like Imgur.

You can take screenshots by pressingPrintScreen (PrtScn) on your keyboard and pressing CTRL+V on Imgur.

Show proof of getting scammed

For Steam Trades

  1. Go to your Steam Trade history or click this link in your browser. NOT THE STEAM CLIENT
  2. With your mouse, hover over the profile link of the scammer
  3. Press PrintScreen (PrtScn) on your keyboard and upload the image UNEDITED on a Image host

Example of hovering over URL
The URL should be visible on the bottom left of your page.

For PayPal/Steam Cards/other types
For these, you need to show your balance of whatever money service you use. Or show proof that the Steam card didn’t work.
Make sure that this is a clean unedited screenshot of your browser.

If you feel that the screenshot is confidential, you can add one of the admins to show it to them.

Head over

Head over at SteamRep and fill in the scammer his profile in there.
Example of SteamRep

Finally copy the SteamRep block by clicking COPY INFO.
Copy Info from SteamRep

Report it on our forums

Head over to our Steam Group and create a report and use the stickied template.

Always remember when something looks too good, it’s usually a scam.
Stay safe



CSGOTRADERS.NET Community Manager