Update: Blog, SteamRep and SSL

Good day traders!

As you might see, we have created this lovely website that we will be using to communicate with you !

Blog Introduction

We have created the blog so we can show you our updates in a more detailed way. We will also be creating articles here around trading/CSGOTraders/..

Don’t worry we will still post small updates on other social media platforms.

SteamRep Integration

Today we have implemented integration with SteamRep.com
Thanks to the SteamRep API we can actively use their service to help us by finding scammers and banning them.

What does this mean for you?
When browsing a user his profile or his trades, you’ll see an option to check his SteamRep status, along when it was last checked.
Example of SteamRep integration

Take note that some scammers might still be Clear, this is because they have not received any reports on SteamRep.

If this user is a known scammer, he’ll be automatically banned.
New users that register on the website and are known scammers will also be banned automatically.
Example of auto ban

This is a big step for us towards a more scam free environment.


We have implemented SSL for the CSGOTraders.net domain. This means that all your data between your browser and our web server remains private and integral.

You should see this in effect near the website address while browsing the site.

Note : We have currently disabled comments for now, we are looking for a solution that fits our needs.
Let us know your thoughts currently on this Steam Group thread.

Happy trading and stay safe!



CSGOTRADERS.NET Community Manager