500,000 Registered Users!

Trade-O Party

Thank you.

During the last 3 years while I’ve been looking over CSGOTRADERS, I’ve crossed multiple important milestones along the way – from first 100 all throught to 100,000 users – and my family was creating a small souvenirs for that occations.

But having 500,000 registered users means more to me than any other milestone so far. I do not have words that could describe the feelings – but I need to say one word – thank you for being a member of the website! 

And now – invite your friends and let’s fly to the 1 000 000 registered users milestone – and I can assure you – the celebration time will be MASSIVE then 🙂

If you want to leave some thoughts about the website – please do not hesitate to do that on our Steam Community! 🙂

Some statistics

During the last three years, you’ve all been working hard to keep the site alive, and during that time you’ve created:

  • > 1 286 987 – Trades
  • > 870 418 – Trade replies
  • > 7 519 935 – Price history entries for items
  • > 3 286 567 – Notifications
  • > 10 223 – CS:GO Items
  • > 900 – Bans, most of them thanks to direct SteamRep integration

Introducing Trade-O

The robot you’ve seen in the header of this post is Trade-O. Created by very talented @stormymane, he is a new addition to the website, a friendly trading butler who will be helping you with getting better trades as much as he can. You will start seeing him in a lot of places throughout the website, wherever he is needed.

Future development

In regards of introducing our new friend, I am personally working on multiple features that users might like, such as:

  • New Refferal System – rewarding users with free skins and goodies for reffering most people in a month
  • Revamped Trade Listnings – less old trades, more categories, less hustle to find a good trade!
  • Reporting System – we will be recruiting moderators soon!
  • Price Trends – showing a graph with pricing history of certain items
  • Trade Calculator & Trade Suggestions – tools that will help you get better at trading
  • Mobile applications, both for iOS and Android
  • Auto middleaman services
  • Virtual item shops – similar to Reddit shops that you may know from /r/globaloffensivetrade


To celebrate the milestone, we are holding two giveaways, the first one has just started – go to https://csgotraders.net/giveaway and try your luck to win a REAL CS:GO Knife!

And to the 500,000 of you who supported us through donations – please be patient, because the best for you is yet to come.
I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that the CSGOTRADERS project is giving me each day.






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